The ‘Women in Print’ network exists to promote research, discussion and writing into the overlooked contributions and legacies of women to print culture – whether as writers, publishers, artists and designers, art directors, teachers and through their domestic lives.

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Contact : Desdemona McCannon [d.mccannon@worc.ac.uk]

The Women in Print network has been active since 2012. The first event was held at Compton Verney in Warwickshire, and was the study day ‘Enid Marx and her Contemporaries: Women Designers and the Popularisation of Folk Arts 1920-1960’ From this event the idea of a network grew. Subsequent events have been held at MMU Special Collections, the Towner Gallery, The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, Chetham’s Library, Oriel Wrecsam, Sheffield Museum and the House of Illustration. Limited edition tribute chapbooks created by contemporary writers, artists and historians have been available at each event. For more information about the chapbooks please see here 

Carolyn Trant

Jane Audas

Amy Goodwin

Desdemona McCannon

Liz Mitchell

Graham Moss

Lotte Crawford

Harriet Cory-Wright

Natalie Kay-Thatcher

Amanda Girling-Budd

Alan Powers

Chloe Cheese

Lou Taylor

Anwyl Cooper-Willis

Linda Brassington

Jane Webb

Amanda Ravetz

Jessica Kelly

Fiona Hackney

Hayley Potter

David Chatton Barker and Ian Humberstone (Folklore Tapes)

Louise Campbell

Rosemary Shirley

Eleanor Byrne

Alice Kettle

Elisa Oliver

Hannah Allan

Jenna Ashton

Stephen Knott

Jane Hattrick

Marie McLoughlin

Emily Portman

Jennifer Reid

JoJo Tulloh

Miranda Gray

Elisabeth Luard

Hattie Ellis

Lauren Padgett

Stephen Basedo

Marion Gibson

Kate Hodgkin

Helen Cornish

Peter Hewitt

Joyce Froome




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