The Ballad of Women in Print- Chetham’s Library, Manchester. Friday 20th May 2016


A series of talks, printworks and performances investigating and celebrating the cultural agency of women as subjects, performers . producers or peddlars of 19thand 20thc street literature. The day seeks to foreground the under researched contribution of women to print culture associated with the street, such as broadsides, ballad sheets, chapbooks, penny dreadfuls, periodicals, postcards and political pamphlets

FRIDAY 20th MAY 2016

10.00 coffee and welcome

10.30 Lauren Padgett- ‘Brutal exhibitions of depravity’: 19th Century Wife-selling in Street Literature.’

10.50 Hannah Allan- ‘Lost Voices of the Witches: Absence and Persecution in Lancashire Folk Tradition’

11.10 Q+A 20 mins

11.30 break (20 mins)

11.50am Stephen Basedo- ‘Maid Marian in Victorian Penny Bloods’

12.10pm Jenna C. Ashton– ‘Radical Zines: making & writing as feminist practice’

12.30 Q+A 20 mins

Lunch 1- 2 pm

2.00pm Jennifer Reid- ‘Women in Manchester’s broadside collections: songs for and about girls and women’

2.20pm Emily Portman- Woman’s Tongue: Subversive Female Voices in the Axon and Holt Broadside Collection

2.40pm Q+A 20 mins

3pm end

The facebook page is here and the eventbrite page to book is here


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