The Ballad of Women in Print- Chetham’s Library, Friday 20th May

WIP-CHETHAMS-BOOKING-INFOThe facebook page is here and the eventbrite page to book is here


Chetham’s Library, Manchester

FRIDAY 20th MAY 2016

Programme for Friday
10.00 coffee and welcome

10.30 Lauren Padgett- ‘Brutal exhibitions of depravity’: 19th Century Wife-selling in Street Literature.’

10.50 Hannah Allan- ‘Lost Voices of the Witches: Absence and Persecution in Lancashire Folk Tradition’

11.10 Q+A 20 mins

11.30 break (20 mins)

11.50am Stephen Basedo- ‘Maid Marian in Victorian Penny Bloods’

12.10pm Jenna C. Ashton– ‘Radical Zines: making & writing as feminist practice’

12.30 Q+A 20 mins

Lunch 1- 2 pm

2.00pm Jennifer Reid- ‘Women in Manchester’s broadside collections: songs for and about girls and women’

2.20pm Emily Portman- Woman’s Tongue: Subversive Female Voices in the Axon and Holt Broadside Collection

2.40pm Q+A 20 mins

3pm end



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