Chapbooks exhibited at Rhode Island School of Design. November 2015


A selection of the chapbooks were exhibited at Rhode Island School of Art during the ‘Illustrator as Public Intellectual’ symposium in November 2015.

The ‘Women in Print’ network exists to promote research, discussion and writing into the overlooked contributions and legacies of women to 20th century print culture – whether as writers, publishers, artists and designers, art directors, teachers and/or through their domestic lives. The ‘Women in Print’ events are a series of  gatherings which bring together academics, practitioners and family members to discuss  the ways in which women’s creative and intellectual cultural agency is manifest through and framed by popular print culture. At each event a limited edition print run of illustrated tribute chapbooks by contemporary writers, artists and academics are given out . The chapbook project uses the medium of print to facilitate an inclusive and open ended form of history writing which values the subjective and creative response to the cultural legacy of  these women alongside an appreciation of their work.

There is  interest in extending the project to the US and we are working towards developing the chapbooks in various ways with friends and colleagues from RISD and MICA.


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